Automatic Doubel Side Laminating Machine


Automatic Doubel Side Laminating Machine

To suit both single side and double 
side lamination

Model SADF540B is one of our fully automatic double side laminators newly developed upon market needs. It is a processing technology which targets in laminating small size paper with pre-glued film after heated、pressured finally realize the paper and film laminated together .The most attractive features of the machine are compact structure and humanized design. SCHNEIDER, OMRON etc international brands of electrical and photovoltaic parts equipped perfect the running stability and safety of the laminator. The machine realizes automated operation, and suits pre-glued film single side and double side paper lamination.

Overview video


Protection device
When paper lack or break, machine stop automatically for self-protection

Schneider programming system
Equipped servo motor,Schneider inverter and Omron electrics, speed control
convenien the machine run smoothly and no noise.

Intelligent constant temperature roller
On the heating roller and the lower heating roller equipped with special heater for heating, temperature control individually.Temperature performance is excellent and make sure double-side laminating temperature.

Pneumatic separator system
Pneumatic separator system automatically 
separate paper

Automatic pneumatic system
Automatic pneumatic system to provide stable pressure laminating machine.
Pressure can be adjusted automatically according to need

After separating the paper received by jogger or automatic stacker(optional)


540 Automatic Stacker(Optional)

Technical Parameters

Max Paper Size
Min Paper Size
Paper Thickness
Max Laminating Speed
Gross Power
Total Weight
Overall Dimensions

High-speed Fully Automatic Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Manual
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